01 Cash Position Statement 02-10-2020.pdf

02 Treasurer and auditors report for January 2020.pdf

03 Quarterly Investment Report 4th Quarter 2019.pdf

04 Claims 02-10-2020.pdf

05 Courthouse Elevator-Repair Work Order A-thyssenkrupp.pdf

06 Courthouse Elevator-Repair Work Order B-thyssenkrupp.pdf

07 Order Authorizing Fireworks Sales-Texas Independence Day.pdf

08 Precinct 3-Zephyr Water Supply-County Road 323-road cut.pdf

09 Elections-Joint Primary Election Services Contract 2020.pdf

10 Tax Assessor Collector-Barbara Drews-hired-R Hughes disc.pdf

11 Sheriffs Dept-Alex Mackey-jailer-hired-David Joyner disc.pdf

12 Sheriffs Dept-Racial Profiling Report.pdf

13 Jail Population Report 02-10-2020.pdf

14 Texas Comptroller-Unclaimed Property Capital Credits check.pdf

15 Agenda and minutes 02-10-2020.pdf