01 Cash Position Statement 03-23-2020.pdf

02 Claims 03-23-2020.pdf

03 Declaration of Local State of Disaster-COVID-19.pdf

04 Declaration of Local State of Disaster-COVID-19-extended.pdf

05 Precinct 4-James Barnum-part time-road hand-employed.pdf

06 District Clerk-Kofile-archival and digitization criminal minutes.pdf

07 District Clerk-Southwest Solutions Group Inc-shelving.pdf

08 Annual Financial Statement year ended 09-30-2019.pdf

09 Sheriff Dept-Mary Brixey-jailer-hired-Trenton Best- disc.pdf

10 Jail Population Report 03-23-2020.pdf

11 Elections Admin-Proclamation to suspend elections-COVID-19.pdf

12 Agenda and minutes 03-23-2020.pdf