01 Cash Position Statement 05-18-2020.pdf

02 Brown County Investment Report for the First Quarter of 2020.pdf

03 Claims 05-18-2020.pdf

04 Brown County Judiciary Operating Plan COVID 19.pdf

05 District Court Zoom schedule 05-18-2020.pdf

06 Resolution-Second Supplemental Auxiliary Facilities for Courtrooms.pdf

07 COVID 19 Custodian-Halie Smith-employed.pdf

08 COVID 19 Custodian-Cindy Graham-employed.pdf

09 Emergency Management-Surplus-Dodge Charger.pdf

10 2Novos Remodeling Service-laminate bid County Clerk.pdf

11 Brownwood Decorating-laminate bid approved-County Clerk.pdf

12 County Clerk-Early Glass & Brownwood Door-Tempered Glass.pdf

13 TAC-Early Glass & Brownwood Door-Tempered Glass.pdf

14 District Clerk-Early Glass & Brownwood Door-Tempered Glass.pdf

15 Unclaimed Property Capital Credits grants-update.pdf

16 Sheriffs Department-Joe Thomas-transferred patrol-Taylor Fletcher promoted to Patrol Cpl.pdf

17 Sheriffs Department-Kaleb Hopson-Deputy-Joe Thomas transferred to Patrol.pdf

18 Sheriffs Department-Taylor Fletcher-Patrol Cpl-Kaleb Hopson-promoted Patrol Sgt.pdf

19 Jail Population Report.pdf

20 Agenda and Minutes 05-18-2020.pdf