01 Cash Position Statement 05-26-2020.pdf

02 Claims 05-26-2020.pdf

03 District Judge-Early Glass & Brownwood Door-proposal.pdf

04 Courthouse Security-Bryan Baccus-proposal-approved.pdf

05 Courthouse Security-McMillian Rustic Furniture-proposal.pdf

06 Brown County Employee-Health Insurance-TAC plan 2020-2021.pdf

07 Precinct 1-Brookesmith SUD-CR 225-road bore.pdf

08 Precinct 1-surplus-tractor tires and wheels.pdf

09 Resolution-Help America Vote Act Grant (HAVA).pdf

10 Commissioners Annual Road Reports letter.pdf

11 Precinct 1-Annual Road Report 06-20-2019.pdf

12 Precinct 2-Annual Road Report 06-20-2019.pdf

13 Precinct 3-Annual Road Report 06-20-2019.pdf

14 Precinct 4-Annual Road Report 06-20-2019.pdf

15 Agenda and Minutes 05-26-2020.pdf